Insurance coverage issues can be fraught with confusion. Insureds pay premiums for coverage and are frequently met with denials from brokers and carriers when tendering a claim that, on its face, should be covered. However, an initial denial of a claim does not necessarily mean “no.”

Terms can vary from policy to policy, with an overlay of regulations, statutes, and judicial interpretations of those terms. The insurance coverage attorneys at CSD Attorneys at Law can assist at every step of the process when dealing with insurance, from drafting tender letters, to engaging with adjusters on defense and indemnity issues, through litigating and settling claims. Our team has decades of experience resolving clients’ claims involving insurers, from the perspective of both a first-party, in the context of property or business interruption insurance, and a third-party, involving liability insurance. The interests of insurance brokers and carriers are not always aligned with the interests of the insured. Our clients’ interests are our interests.

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