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Municipal Governments

CSD Attorneys at Law’s Municipal Governments practice group represents municipal governments, including cities, water/sewer districts, public utility districts, and conservation districts throughout Washington state. Our attorneys have over one hundred years of combined experience serving as general counsel for such agencies and are frequent speakers at municipal law seminars throughout the state.

Contact our Municipal Government attorneys for assistance with a wide variety of matters, including:

  • Governance by elected officials, their statutory authority, and the interface with appointed staff
  • Labor and employment
  • Land use, comprehensive plan issues, and annexation
  • Public works and purchasing
  • Interlocal agreements
  • Water law
  • Environmental remediation projects
  • Labor and employment
  • Land use and comprehensive planning
  • Public property acquisition and sales
  • Public Records Act and Open Public Meetings Act compliance
  • Municipal ethics
  • Risk management and loss prevention

Municipal Govenment Attorneys

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