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Environmental Law

The lawyers of the Environmental Law practice group understand environmental and compliance issues, understand how to manage or mitigate these risks and understand how to work with technical environmental consultants and state and federal regulators to address these issues on relatively simple sites to the acquisition and redevelopment of large complex former industrial upland and aquatic sites.

An important aspect of environmental law is cost recovery from former owners and operators of the site, which caused or contributed to the contamination, and insurance carriers that provided pre-1986 comprehensive commercial liability insurance policies. Our attorneys are experienced in managing these cost recovery actions to maximize the return to our clients.

Our attorneys are frequent speakers at state and national seminars on environmental law, Brownfield redevelopment, environmental cost recovery actions and Clean Water Act compliance. We provided the legal component to a team hired by the Washington State Department of Ecology to recommend changes to the Washington Model Toxics Control Act.

Our Environmental Law practice group assists clients throughout Washington State in:

  • Evaluating the environmental risk in the purchase or sale of properties and crafting purchase and sale agreements

  • State and federal regulatory requirements for remediation of contaminated property

  • Clean Water Act (NPDES) and Clean Air Act compliance

  • Defense of Clean Water Act citizen lawsuits

  • Mitigation or elimination of environmental or compliance risk

  • Working with technical consultants and regulators to select an environmental compliance plan or a remediation that is cost-effective and allows for current or anticipated future uses

Environmental Law Attorneys

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