Our clients are located throughout Washington and the rest of the United States. They deserve and rightly demand cost-effective legal services. We believe that technology has and will continue to help deliver on-time and cost-effective legal services. CSD Attorneys at Law has made significant investments in technology including fibre optic connections, web-based document management systems and state-of-the art video conferencing facilities. Technology allows us to:

  • Cost effectively attend, via teleconference, meetings of port and fire district commission meetings, client project meetings and client strategy discussions no matter the location of the client

  • Efficiently send and receive large data files, such as construction drawings or environmental reports, using web-based management systems

  • Manage large and complex litigation with the ability to file documents in courts throughout the state

  • Respond to emergent client issues from anywhere and at any time

  • Provide sophisticated legal services, typically associated with large Seattle firms, from Bellingham

  • Attract and retain top tier young lawyers who desire a sophisticated practice in a very desirable living community

There is no substitute for the experience and expertise our lawyers provide, and sometimes legal services are best delivered in person.  However, technology allows legal services to be provide in a timely and cost-effective manner. To this end our IT professionals work with our clients to ensure that the systems are compatible and reliable.